Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Voynich Manuscript

This manuscript is a mystery cause nobody knows who wrote it, where or why. But more importantly, nobody knows what it says there !

This book is made out of animal skin is written in some unknown language and drawings of plants ( which looks like botanical notes ).

Professor Gonzalo Rubio, a University of Pennsylvania ancient languages specialist, says that the carbon-dating shows it is not a forgery, and rules out that it was created by Roger Bacon, a polymath of the 13th century. Rubio finds the text strange, since the “language” lacks the usual grammatical markers to be found in Finnish, Hungarian or Indo-European languages. Rubio ventures the idea that the Voynich Manuscript was created for fun, and/or to prank actual alchemical texts.

Its word-style is odd, in that it has very few words exceeding ten "letters" (glyphs), and there are also scarcely any words of one or two letters. But that is only one of its seemingly countless mysteries. Even with improved computer techniques and advances in linguistics assisting its study, the Voynich Manuscript is unlikely to share all its secrets.

Take a look at the actual Voynich Manuscript here

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  1. It is so interesting!
    It took a lot of time and force to make the book.