Saturday, September 1, 2012

King Tut - The Curse of the Mummy


  1. I offer you one Liebster Award if you wanna :-D

    1. I visited your blog and read about the questions, so here i go:

      11 things about me:

      I love beach
      I enjoy latin food
      I'm a Horror Fan
      I like weird and dark stuff
      Vintage is my favorite fashion
      My favorite color is red
      I'm a hat person but i don't own too many hats
      I own a small Horror/Dark Toys Ebay store
      My favorites movies: Interview with the Vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Others, The Exorcist, Men in Black 1,2 and 3.
      I like honest people
      I love traveling

      My answers to your questions:

      1- I prefer a wild party.
      2- If a tatoo artist offers me a tatoo for free, i'll chose something with meaning or Jesus.
      3- If i could chose any git, it will be a trip around the world.
      4- If our world would be fictional i'd like to be a powerful witch.
      5- Yes, it would be interesting to be a man or a day, but a man without a girlfriend or a gay one LOL. I'm not into girls.
      6- If machines would do everything for us in the future, it would be cool, but we'd be really fat !
      7- My goal is to be Rich
      8- For me the great thing about being alive is being able to all the things i love to do.
      9- I believe in ghosts. I've got some ineresting experiences with them.
      10- The craziest thing i've ever done: bungee jumping.
      11- My last words: Yes, i made it !

      I still have to prepare the questions and decide who i'm gonna pass it to.


      Sonia :)