Monday, December 3, 2012

Cool Hobbit Themed Airplane - New Zealand

The Hobbit takes to the skies. Air New Zealand unveiled a Hobbit-themed plane in Auckland, New Zealand as Hobbit fever grips the South Pacific nation in the lead-up to the movie's world premiere. The graphic, which covers 830 square meters (8934 feet) took 40 technicians to apply, with many technical challenges along the way. Air New Zealand CEO, Bob Fyfe. SOUNDBITE: Bob Fyfe, Air New Zealand CEO, saying (English): "You've got to make sure there's no air bubbles. You've got to make sure when it's applied to the aircraft and it's flying through the air, the wind doesn't get underneath it and peel it. It's incredibly complex." After the ceremony, The Hobbit plane left for London, where it will pick up stars of the movie.

Air New Zealand — the airline that brought you a four minute long, Hobbit-themed in flight safety video — has now made an official Hobbit plane.

Creative Hobbit Airplane Safety Video:

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