Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chinese Leaf Carving Art

Leaf carving art is an amazing emerging art. It takes the natural leaf as the carrier and makes image reappear on the leaf blade through special craft.

Through this craft, the leaf forms the natural permanent pigment.  They are 100% carved by hand, so its color is stable and lasting. And it’s also corrosion-resisting and aging-resisting, and its durability even exceeds paper.

Leaf carving cuts and removes a leaf's mesophyll to produce an artwork on a leaf without cutting or removing any veins. Any tiny mistake will cause to the failure.

As a new form of art, framed leaf carving art have been gradually used in family, hotels, offices, Teahouse etc.

It also can be used as special gift for birthday, anniversary, marriage, Christmas, holidays, business, Valentine's Day, collection, as souvenirs or just for decoration.

Enjoy this beautiful art: